Who's Who

The Directors of EctoPharma are committed to operating the company in an efficient, transparent and ethical manner in pursuit of business goals, shareholder value and patient benefit.
The company was founded as Safedip Ltd in 1996 by Ian Parsons.  The initial invention was based on a timber treatment that was entirely safe for bats and the intention was to produce an alternative to organophosphate based sheep dips.  Ian stepped down from the Board in 2010 when agreement to market the human headlice treatment was reached with Thornton & Ross.

  • Matthew Benson – Non-Executive Chairman
  • Alan Walker –  Chief Executive Officer
  • Robert Dick – Non-Executive Director
  • Pat Campbell Fraser – Non-Executive Director
  • Dr Alex Lewis – Non-Executive Director


  • Alan Walker – CEO

Matthew Benson – Non-Executive Chairman - Matthew graduated from Oxford University in 1988.  Following a spell at Morgan Stanley International focusing on equity and equity derivative products, he established a consultancy business assisting large corporates investigating start-up opportunities, mainly in the healthcare field.  In 1988, he joined Rettie & Co, a leading Edinburgh-based property agent, to establish the firm’s presence in residential property development.

Alan Walker –  Chief Executive Officer - Alan Walker has over 40 years’ experience working in industry in the United Kingdom and abroad.  He has held senior positions on the Boards of a number of international listed companies including a Presidential role with a US-based global pharmaceutical company.  A Chartered Director and a Fellow of the Institute of Directors, Alan is also Chairman of a high-tech company and is a former Vice-President of the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industries.

In 2008, Alan gained an MSc in Corporate Direction from the University of Wolverhampton where he is now completing a PhD in Company Board Effectiveness.

Robert Dick – Non-Executive Director - An MA graduate of Cambridge University, Robert founded a pesticide distribution business called Agrikem Ltd which went on to be acquired by a subsidiary of Shell plc.  He remained involved with the company, becoming its Purchasing & Commercial Director.

Pat Campbell Fraser – Non-Executive Director - Patrick gained Honours degrees in Law from Oxford and Edinburgh Universities, before qualifying as a solicitor and Writer to the Signet in 1961.  He trained as an investment analyst and has worked with various investment companies in Edinburgh. A co-founder of Stewart Fund Managers, Pat has managed a range of stock market portfolios as well as several venture capital investments in the UK and USA, particularly in the oil industry.

Dr Alex Lewis – Non-Executive Director - Dr Lewis attended Edinburgh University and gained an Honours Degree in Biological Sciences in 1984 and a PhD in Molecular Pharmacology and Oncology Drug Resistance in 1988. With a background in business and drug development in the oncology sector, he joined the management consultant group Wood Mackenzie in 1988 and headed up the company’s Partnering and Due Diligence Practice.  Dr Lewis formed Lewis Healthcare Consultants in 2009 from Datamonitor Healthcare consulting, where he was Director of Transactions and Due Diligence. His company provides corporate, business development and strategic advice to pharmaceutical and biotech companies.





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