Business Model

EctoPharma is a search and development company. Our business model is straightforward:
  • Identify and in-license high potential intellectual property generated by others
  • Undertake and complete the necessary development work in collaboration with world renowned scientists and research organisations
  • Bring new, effective, high demand healthcare products to market through out-licensing arrangements with major pharmaceutical companies.

Our business model minimises risk and allows us to keep overheads to a minimum through commissioning collaborative work from a range of world leading specialist partners as and when we need it.  We add value at every stage of the process at low risk but with the ultimate prospect of significant reward as new, high demand products reach the market.

The development and commercialisation of our innovative head lice product, Kindaped™, is an example of our business model in actionPlease click on the PRODUCTS section for more information.

EctoPharma is always interested to hear from other parties who have patented high potential intellectual property which they are not taking forward and for which they are seeking a development partner.




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